Whatsapp as the Ultimate Messaging App for Android Users

For an intelligent user it is not hard to guess that the name Whatsapp is a pun on the common colloquial term “What’s Up?” It is commonly used for informal greetings or when friends meet up. Whatsapp Inc. has used this oft used term very subtly to its own advantage and has created a revolutionary service easily available to all Android phone users.

Whatsapp was launched in May 2011 for non-BBM users as a common platform where people could share their thoughts, feelings, minute-to-minute tit bits of their lives, images, videos, audios and much more. It was first created for Android phones to provide the same feel as the Blackberry Messenger, which until October 2013 was not available on non-blackberry phones.

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp for Android

What is Android?

Android is a unique Operating System developed for touch screen phones and tablets. Just like different versions of Windows and Linux are installed in all personal computers and laptops as well as tabs, it is similar with smart phones.

Initially the OS was developed by Android Inc., Android is now owned by Google Inc. since 2006. An Android phone was sold for the first time in October 2008 and is now available across many Phone companies like Samsung, Sony, Google etc.

Whatsapp for Android Phones

Whatsapp and Android Phones have a connection since the creation of Whatsapp as a special messaging service. Due to the heavy demand of BBM, a large number of people were indulging in the purchase of Blackberry phones. This had created a completely different and private circle of BBM service users.

The Android phone users felt utterly and completely left out as they could not keep up with the social circles or so they felt. They either had to buy Blackberry phones or had to choose to stay away from the instant messages which could and could not be work related. This also resulted in the fall in sales of Android enabled smart phones.

This is when a revolutionary application like Whatsapp was launched by a tech-start-up, located in Silicon Valley, USA. The app was launched as free service and was way cheaper compared to Blackberry Internet packs which used to burn a whole in the pockets of BB users.

Requirements to Use Whatsapp on Android

For any Android Phone to be able to use Whatsapp, it is essential to have certain basic necessities which include the following:

  • The Android Operating System installed on the phone must be at least a 2.1 version or above.
  • Usually an unlimited Internet Data Plan is suggested for unlimited and hassle free usage of the service.
  • It is not supported on only Tablets with Android OS in which calling, messaging and other cell phone facilities are not available.
  • The application is easily available for free in the Android Market, specifically accessible through Android OS enabled phones.

Drawbacks of Using Whatsapp on Android Phones

  • Whatsapp usage in Androids often makes the system slow and also induces the phone to get hanged.
  • Using Whatsapp in Androids risks the possibility of chats getting hacked leading to misuse of any important personal data.

But in spite of such drawbacks, people risk their privacy to keep in touch with friends and family with cheap and fast communication app.

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Whatsapp for Blackberry Users-An Added advantage

Blackberry Ltd. created and endorsed a new genre of elite corporate executives by launching a handheld device especially designed for Office Executives and Managers. They were the first to introduce the Blackberry Messenger, which also helped in creating a private circle of people who could not add anyone except those with BB Pins or a unique bar code that could be scanned by other blackberry devices. It was one of the first handheld devices to provide email facilities and synchronization of email IDs with the device.

Eventually they promoted themselves among teenagers and youngsters too by introducing low-range economical Blackberry Phones. But unfortunately the company has experienced a massive downfall which was brought about by the turn of events which lead to the BBM becoming available for all smart phones. The unique messenger could finally be coded by other IT engineers and made accessible to all other smart devices.

Whatsapp played a crucial role in this as it was the first messaging app after BBM which could be used by any smart phone user. Whatsapp came to be commonly downloaded and used by Blackberry users as many friends and family members with Androids and iPhones were using Whatsapp to stay in touch.

Blackberry users faced certain issues with the app at first but have now become increasingly popular among BBM users as well. It is available for download from the Blackberry App World free of cost.

WhatsApp for BlackBerry

WhatsApp for BlackBerry

Requirements for Downloading Whatsapp on Blackberry Devices

  • The basic requirement for downloading Whatsapp on any Blackberry Device is that it should have BlackBerry OS 4.6 or more to store the latest version.
  • Also BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) is necessary to install and run Whatsapp, which is supported by Internet availability.

Whatsapp vs. BBM

BBM which is the abbreviation for BlackBerry Messenger was first released in 1999 and came to be known as an addiction among its users. BBM has been known to make its users addicted to it just like Facebook had been soon after it was launched.  The messenger was personalised and protected as well as fast.

Whatsapp too induced similar addiction but it could not assure the same security and privacy that BBM ensured to its users. Whatsapp was slower on Blackberry Devices than BBM which was of course a source of annoyance for many users.

But the availability of BBM now on iTunes, Android Market and more has essentially contributed to the downfall of the company. Availability of BBM for other phones simply made the company lose its charm and one of its key USPs. Also the expensive Internet Data Usage Plans were a source of huge money loss on a monthly basis as the BIS and BES were extremely expensive services.

Drawbacks of Whatsapp on BlackBerry

  • The use of Whatsapp on BlackBerry is limited as not all the features are permitted for use on this device like sharing music files.
  • Until recently and barring certain models normal internet data plans do not work on BlackBerry which in turn makes the use of a free messaging service like Whatsapp an expensive affair.
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Whatsapp Places iPhone Range on a Parallel Platform with other Smart Phones

Apple iPhone is one of the most expensive yet popular smart phones in the world. It is preferred by a large section of the well-off working class people and has a massive class appeal. Apple Inc. introduced a wide range of smart phones starting with the iPhone and currently scraping the sky with the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The first iPhone was launched in the year 2007 and since then there has been no looking back for them.

Any new application that needs to be installed on the iPhone has to be linked with the iTunes profile and media gallery. Whatsapp too is available on iTunes for all iPhone users. Though the lineage of iPhones is considered to be a class apart, Whatsapp has helped in making the messaging platform common for iPhone and other smart phone users.

Whatsapp as a messaging platform for iPhone users was widely accepted by iPhone users due to the simple fact that iPhone does not have its own dedicated messaging service like Blackberry used to have. For iPhone users Whatsapp was an equivalent to BBM services and they gladly and gleefully accepted this new app, which has now managed to become a necessity.

whatsapp for iphone

whatsapp for iphone

Requirements for Installing Whatsapp on iPhone

Installing Whatsapp on the iPhone range requires certain specifications such as the following:

  • Your iPhone must have an iOS of 4.3 or more to allow the latest version of Whatsapp to be downloaded from the iTunes Gallery.

  • The iPhone needs to have a regular Internet plan to enable easy and free usage of Whatsapp.

Drawbacks of Whatsapp for iPhone Users

Whatsapp usage for iPhone users have certain terms and conditions attached to them, which include:

  • Whatsapp is not optimized properly for the latest iOS 7 version, it takes a much longer time to open in this Operating System.

  • If you do not close the application or exit and leave it as minimized, you shall keep showing online, which can cause some uncalled for trouble for certain people, if you know what I mean.

  • The major issue with installing Whatsapp in iPhone is that the iPhone needs to be synced with the iTunes profile through a Personal Computer or Laptop, without which nothing functions on iPhones

Attractive Layout

In spite of certain drawbacks, the Whatsapp messenger has a very attractive display layout, which is the best among all other smart phones available with different operating systems. It has some extra features such as certain extra themes with beautiful visual effects, of which some are available for free.

Unlike Blackberry phones using Internet or messaging services like Whatsapp, an iPhone does not require any special and expensive Internet Data Plans. Normal 2G or 3G enabled data plans as well as Wi-Fi connections work perfectly fine for the same.

Whatsapp is eagerly and earnestly working towards a more compatible format available for download from iTunes for the latest iOS 7 by Apple Inc. Whatsapp Inc. not only eliminated its largest competition BBM, which is now available for all phones, but also made its place in the classy iPhone Range Users and iTunes Market.

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Whatsapp as a Revolutionary Messaging Platform

Whatsapp is a messaging platform introduced in 2011 which became one of the most preferred SMS alternatives across the world. It is a huge attraction for Smartphone, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users. It has become a craze and is bordering on becoming a necessity for teenagers and youngsters.

This messaging app is free for the first year and thereafter requires a yearly subscription fee of $0.99. Whatsapp enables easy and quick sharing of images, audio clips, videos and recorded voices messages for free. It has reduced the Mobile Internet Usage charges by a considerable margin and has also made MMS facility extinct.



Growth and Competition

Whatsapp has literally eliminated the use of normal messaging service provided by network providers. At present Whatsapp has over 350 million regular users across the world. Since its inception in the Silicon Valley by a bunch of young IT experts, Whatsapp has beaten all its existing and emerging competitors. This app has overtaken the much revered and elite BBM (abbreviation for the Blackberry Messenger).

This has happened for the simple reason that BBM was limited to only Blackberry Phone users which made its access extremely rare and restricted to a particular circle while Whatsapp was common to any Smart Phone. This undoubtedly contributed to the substantial increase in the number of its users.

In spite of being the pioneers in creating such a messaging service cross platform for all kinds of Internet enabled mobile phones, Whatsapp faced and continues to face competition from other similar platforms like LINE, WeChat and BBM.

  • BBM was introduced for Blackberry users, which couldn’t manage to achieve the tag of pioneers in creating a messaging platform for all types of phone users due to its limited access.
  • LINE and WeChat have highly similar usage which includes making voice calls for free but they are way behind Whatsapp in their popularity as they slow down the phone and provide mediocre services. They are not completely developed and aren’t up to the mark that the revolutionary Whatsapp has determined.

One major hiccup in the way of further growth of Whatsapp as a unique messaging service is that BBM is now available on all Smartphones, iPhones and Androids. Now anyone can download BBM from the respective app markets and get their own personalized pins which enable them to maintain their private list of close friends.

Drawbacks of Whatsapp

Like all apps Whatsapp too has its negativities which include:

  • Whatsapp does not allow free voice calling.
  • Needs upgrading at regular intervals or else it stops working.
  • Can be easily hacked or decoded.
  • Includes all the contacts in the Phone Contact List, who use Whatsapp, creating privacy issues at times.
  • Anyone can save the number and start messaging unlike BBM

Whatsapp as a Promotional Tool

Whatsapp hasn’t yet become too popular as a Marketing or promotional tool, unlike other social media sites. This is because through this app no one can send more than a limited amount of messages at once, thus disabling chances of potential spam.

But a certain Chocolate Brand, named KLIK, unconventionally used this platform to promote their new chocolate flavours to their Teenage customers by engaging them through direct communication with the KLIK version of the “Simon Says” game.

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